21st Birthday Party – Saturday 10th June 2017

Off to a lovely house in Brighton to cater for a family celebrating their son’s 21st birthday.

crispy filo tartlets

With the entire extended family as well as all of the son’s friends it was lucky they had plenty of space for everyone.

To keep it simple and most of all informal they chose to have a selection of canapé instead of a sit-down meal. Perfect solution for such a mix of ages.

They selected the following from our canapé menu, along with home-made samosas and kebabs that they supplied.

Smoked salmon & cream cheese blinis

Chicken satay skewers

Roasted Mediterranean vegetable bruschetta (V)

Thai fish cakes topped with chilli aioli

Crispy filo tartlets – cream cheese, pesto & sun-dried tomato (V)

Yorkshire pudding with rare roast beef & wasabi mayo

Kebabs & Samosas

With our staff looking after them with drinks as well they certainly partied hard (especially the older generations!). Everyone had a great time and the party was still going strong after we left. A great way to see in your 21st year that’s for sure.