Afternoon Tea for your Wedding Reception?

Having an “afternoon tea” is a different choice for your “wedding breakfast” but something we are being asked for more and more. The market for afternoon tea in general is now huge – just as it is trendy to “meet for coffee”, afternoon tea has now become the civilised way to spend an afternoon with friends or loved ones.

Afternoon Tea for your Wedding ReceptionSo it is now overlapping onto wedding receptions, with the classic “high tea” of daintily cut sandwiches with many different varieties of fillings, from the standard to the extraordinary, with scones, cream and jam and a selection of gorgeous little cakes, Victoria sponge, coffee cake etc being popularised into a fantastic way to celebrate your wedding.

Not everyone wants to have the normal sit down wedding breakfast. These days anything goes, from where you can get married to what you can eat. As you can see from some of our previous posts, even the wedding cake doesn’t have to be the traditional fruit cake – we have even been known to supply a cheese wedding cake which is then cut for the evening guests!

So how about an afternoon tea for your wedding reception? This is an ideal choice if you don’t have lots of hungry diners coming from a long distance. It is also a really good idea, if you are only having an afternoon celebration, without an evening do! Or perhaps you would like to serve your hot buffet in the evening to all the guests who have enjoyed the day with you plus any new friends that roll up for an evening of dancing and fun!

We can cater for whatever you would like – but for an afternoon tea it is all served a little more formally to a buffet celebration; at the table, with the food displayed in a really pretty and decorative way, on tiered plates with lots of variation on choices.

Afternoon Tea for your Wedding ReceptionAfternoon tea means that you can socialise more with your guests, knowing that your food won’t get cold and you can even share what your friends and family are eating at the same time as you work the room – sure they won’t mind you pinching an eclair or  sandwich from their display!

So if you are pondering the idea of an afternoon tea for your wedding reception, then give us a call and we can chat through your options. We are getting many calls for 2015 and a few for 2016!! Gosh we are busy, so just get the date booked in with us and we can sort the details a little closer to the time. Taste testing is always a popular afternoon spent in our kitchens!!