BBQ – November 2014

It was time to flip burgers again for the children and parents of Battle & Langton School at the annual firework night.

burger flipping

Luckily it was a mild night with no rain and the kids and families came out in droves to see the fireworks and support the School. The queue for burgers and hot dogs was never-ending but we had 2 big BBQ’s on the go and a great team of helpers so that we could serve people quickly.

Along with other fund-raising stalls we raised a total of £1300 which will go towards resources for the School. Top job.

We’re getting lots of enquires now for BBQ weddings. It’s informal and relaxed and gives the guests lots of choice. Served with a selections of salads and followed by fantastic desserts it’s a really good option for either the Wedding Breakfast itself or for evening food. And with the BBQ placed as a focal point, it makes for good theatre too.

If you’re planning a wedding and are stumped for ideas, get in touch with us – because we have plenty!