Buffet in a Box

As this weird year continues, we are consistently looking at other ways we can serve our customers; new friends of Green Fig as well as our existing and very loyal ones. With many weddings on hold (which is what makes up so much of our business) we are focussing on individuals as well as local businesses. Businesses are gradually getting back together and we know how important it is to make your staff feel special and show how grateful you are for their commitment to you.

Local Businesses

Why not inspire and incentivise your staff when they are coming back into the office? Our buffets in a box make the ideal treat to give them. A separate homemade “lunch box” your staff can enjoy all together. Knowing that each parcel of food is separated, produced in a box suitable for recycling, with loads of really tasty food options. All guaranteed to fill them up, put a smile on their faces as well as giving them a really nice “welcome back to the office” gift! And in a safe socially distant way.

Some of the foods may vary, but we include choices such as homemade sandwiches, freshly cooked sausage rolls, satay, tartlets and quiches. As well as crisps (not made by us but really tasty!). Then you will receive some yummy homemade cakes as well as a portion of fruit. Well balanced homemade and deliciously decadent lunch!!

Corporate Events

Whilst we know that these will be limited to numbers at the moment, we are still receiving enquiries for food for smaller corporate events. So why not think about separating your lunches by opting for our Buffet in a Box?

Lunch with friends?

If you are off on a picnic this weekend, these buffets in a box will be ideal. Obviously we can supply these kinds of food as one big picnic, but what if you are wanting to invite 5 other friends over to socialise in your garden? With children going back to school, now is the time that parents may want to treat themselves, to enjoy a spot of lunch together and sit outside in this beautiful weather we are having. A buffet in a box is the answer! Plus it is delivered to your door and all you need to do is open a bottle of wine or put the kettle on to make a nice lunchtime cuppa!

Treats for the family

As we have said, we can supply a homemade picnic for you, but these “lunch boxes” make a really fun way of feeding the family. Some really nice choices of homemade and wholesome food! For you all to enjoy as one family!

How to order

If you want to order our buffet in a box, then please send us an email with your order. Please tell us if you have any dietary requirements as well as for how many and we can let you know on delivery times. Prices will vary, depending on what you choose.

We can’t wait to hear from you – so more people can enjoy our amazing home baked and prepared food.

get in touch today!