Canapé Catering

We have many years experience with canape receptions, often for corporate events or product launches (such as new cars etc). It’s the ideal way to cater for large numbers without having to do any of the work – just hand over to us and we’ll take care of your client’s needs with the drinks and canape side, and leave you to do what you do best on the business side.

We are getting more and more enquiries for canapé catering receptions in people’s homes. No longer just for the rich and famous it’s a really stylish way to entertain without slaving away in the kitchen for hours or having to provide a whole meal for your guests – or do any washing-up!

It’s also the perfect way to kick off a wedding or other sit down meal, adding a touch of class and letting the guests know they’re in for a treat (not to mention something to soak up the fizz a bit!). Who wouldn’t be happy with a crisp glass of champagne in one hand and a tasty nibble in the other? Also known as Amuse Bouche, these bite-sized delights are exactly that – something to please the mouth.

These dainty nibbles compliment the champagne and add to the sociable feel of a canapé party or pre-Wedding Breakfast gathering. Guests can mingle and move around without having to hold a plate or put their drink down – no multi-tasking involved at all (good news for men)!  Just stay where you are and wait for each platter of irresistible delights to be presented to you.

Many ask why canapés always seem so expensive for such a small thing. This is true, but it comes down to the amount of time it takes to create them, and the variety of ingredients involved. We suggest between 4 and 6 different canapés per person per hour. So for a party of 100 people, that’s already a whole lot of fiddling about!

Also, the secret to a good canapé is to make them as fresh as possible, thus keeping their flavour and texture, which is why we always finish ours on-site at the very last moment, and never before. So at a typical function, it’s all hands on deck behind the scenes – a production line if you will. Everything is delicately placed by hand – from the sprinkle of fresh dill to the shavings of lemon zest.

Canapé Catering is certainly labour-intensive, but always worth the effort. Presented properly they are a work of art, and we do it very well, see our testimonials and Google reviews to see what others say!

Take a look at our canape menu for some tasty ideas and do please contact us to check availability.


...perfect way to kick things off with a glass of something bubbly.