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Catering That Goes the Extra Mile

The Benefits Of A Cold Fork Buffet

Very few catering options offer the versatility and charm of a well-executed cold fork buffet. Let’s explore the benefits of a cold fork buffet and how…... Read more

Catering That Goes the Extra Mile

Local Business Catering

Local business catering is one of the many brilliant services we offer here at Green Fig. We love working alongside local businesses in East Sussex. From…... Read more

How About Treating Your Co-Workers?

How about treating your co-workers to some wonderful catering? In a world of deadlines and meetings, it's the small gestures that can make the biggest impact.…... Read more

Pleasing All The Senses…

As a catering company, we understand that our service goes beyond just creating and serving food. It is an art form that should please all the…... Read more