Caterers for a 2023 Wedding

As we all know, weddings get booked up…and they really do! Sometimes couples will book up to five years in advance! Personally we don’t always know what we are doing for dinner tonight, so planning a wedding five years in advance takes some serious willpower as well as organisation!

Although joking apart, the main reason for planinng a wedding that far away is normally budget constraints. Couples don’t always get the luxury of the old tradition about the bride’s parents paying for the whole wedding. These days it is very different. Parents often chip in where they can and sometimes the parents will still pay for a huge part of the wedding. However, more often than not, the couple being married will pay for most, if not all of their own wedding. It really is one of the most important days in your life, and can come at a cost, but you really don’t want to be left with massive debts. Wedding costs can really escalate, so you need to judge what is really important to you and what isn’t.

For example, releasing doves doesn’t need to be a priority and neither does giving expensive gifts to all of your guests. What is important, is having all your nearest and dearest attend and see you both declare your love for each other. The next most important thing, in our eyes, is ensuring they are all well fed!!


How caterers can make or break the day

The amount of times, we as caterers, have heard ” oh my, the food was the best we have ever tasted” or ” your desserts were divine” or “we will remember the food at this wedding for a long time” which is always so gratfiying. And this is totally why we do what we do. The food really is one of the most important things and people WILL remember if it isn’t top notch. However, it is also one of the most expensive parts of your wedding, so make sure it is done properly!

We think our prices are really fair for what we do. You shouldn’t always go for the cheapest option as this will be remembered by your guests if things don’t go to plan. You don’t want people remembering your day for the wrong reasons! So think carefully when you are planning and budgeting.

It is all in the planning

As caterers who have been around for a long time (well we aren’t that old!) we know what works and what doesn’t work. We judge the amounts required for your guests and we can create some spectacular dishes for you all to enjoy. We are expert outside caterers and have been known to work in some of the most ridiculously small kitchens. But what we do best is plan well for the day. It is honestly all in the planning when you are catering for a large group of people. Every plate needs to look spectacular – to be hot, when required and to be kept cool is equally important! The dishes need to all look the same and be presented extremely well. With weddings, it is equally important that a plate of food is delicious as well as looking lovely. No less is expected and we promise you that your food will be exceptional!

Where we can work

Green Fig Catering Company work in many venues. From village halls, to barns, to manor houses, to marquees. We are happy to work anywhere there isn’t already a resident chef. And we just love the versatility this brings. It also means we can really show off our skills. We obviously bring a lot of our own equipment with us but we also need to work our way around what space and equipment there is, in a very short space of time. This can be quite tricky sometimes – but we always work well in situations like this and really love it!

Based in East Sussex, we don’t tend to venture out of this south east county very much. There are plenty of couples getting married so we keep pretty busy! Although we have been known to go up to Tunbridge Wells or over into West Sussex, so please ask if you are close by!

Next steps

If you are looking for caterers for a 2023 wedding, then you should probably get in touch with us pretty soon. Based in East Sussex, we do have the odd few dates still available, but they are early on or late in the year, with a couple of additional dates throughout the summer. But we are pretty much fully booked now. Get in touch via our contact form or please send us an email. We would love to chat through what your plans are, whether you are looking for caterers for a 2023 wedding or perhaps for 2025 or beyond. The first steps are speaking with us – we can’t wait!