Catering in Sussex

Catering in Sussex is what we love to do, it was what got us started and we plan to continue with this for a long time….

Catering in Sussex

We love anything foodie and are always spending time trying out different flavour combinations, using customers and friends alike as guinea pigs to test what we produce and give us feedback. This is a part of our work that we love the most; being as creative as we like and seeing the looks on peoples’ faces when the flavours hit their taste buds. Not necessarily spicy, just full of wonderful combinations that are a joy to try. This does have a downside however, as they can never stop at one mouthful and come back again and again to see what else we are working on!

So catering in Sussex is huge business now. With all the top and busy towns around the area, we are booked for many catering “dos”. Whether they are for business lunches, family parties, weddings, (and we do many of these with loads booked in 2015 and indeed 2016!) as well as the sophisticated private dining that is growing in popularity and giving us many enquiries from Brighton and up as far as Tunbridge Wells in Kent, where we also love to work.

Outside Catering in SussexOutside catering in Sussex is a speciality of ours. Obviously we love to work in wonderfully huge and modern kitchens with all the gadgets, gismos and whatnot. However we are also just as happy working with the minimal utensils and space – and boy have we worked in some tight spaces at times! We really ought to photograph some of the tiny spaces in which we have created wondrous food menus – you would not believe how hot it can get with chefs, waiters and kitchen staff all working within the confines of a cupboard!

So if you are looking for catering in Sussex then please give us a ring on 01323 913704. But if you are unsure and want to go on recommendation then take a look through some of our testimonials. We have worked with many customers who have been so delighted with the stress free time it has given them, whether for a wedding, a funeral or even a baby shower! We can create equally lovely dishes for a sit down menu, a casual buffet or even the ever sociable sharing platters that are so greatly received!

Give us a call! We look forward to seeing how we can help you…