Pleasing All The Senses…

As a catering company, we understand that our service goes beyond just creating and serving food. It is an art form that should please all the senses. When organising an event of any size, you should want to create a memorable experience for your guests. In this blog, we will explore the idea of catering that pleases all the senses and discuss how taking this into consideration can elevate your dining experience.

Catering is more than just filling appetites, it’s about creating an experience for your guests that will leave a lasting impression and make your event truly unforgettable.

Presentation of food is a key aspect of an overall catering experience. If you’ve read any of our other blogs you’ll recognise the saying “You eat first with your eyes”. A beautifully arranged plate can enhance your guest’s overall experience and captivate them before they even take their first bite! The same goes for a poorly presented dish, where you notice people tend to avoid certain options.

We like to incorporate vibrant colours, artistic plating techniques and garnishes to create a visually stunning dish that will leave your guests wanting more! Over the years we have perfected a wide variety of dishes that look just as fantastic as they taste.

Having a collection of identical dishes that look amazing is a difficult skill to learn, but is it something that we are incredibly proud of here at Green Fig Catering.

Flavourful culinary experiences

The flavour is probably the single most important aspect of catering. Our skilled chefs know how to balance different flavours and create an explosion of taste to delight the palate. Having learnt from talented chefs from a range of cultures, our team have an incredibly rich knowledge of cooking. We do the basics to perfection but also incorporate unique and innovative flavour combinations.

A flavourful culinary experience will delight guests and leave them craving more!

Impact of aromas

The sense of smell plays another huge role in our perception of taste. A well-prepared dish should not only taste delicious but also have an exciting aroma that enhances the dining experience even further. The aroma of freshly baked warm bread or a collection of spices can stimulate appetites and make your guests feel hungry before taking a bite! Techniques like this can create a sense of anticipation and help build a memorable occasion.


One that some people overlook is the texture of food. The texture is not something the average person tends to actively think about, when preparing food, but it is incredibly noticeable when eating. A skilled catering team would have to experiment with contrasting textures, such as crispy and creamy to provide the most satisfying eating experience.

Looking for professional catering services?

Are you searching for a caterer to elevate your event to new heights? We can take your event to the next level.

With our ever-growing knowledge and personal experience with different foods, we have the ability to handle all culinary aspects, while you can focus on enjoying the event. With our exceptional attention to detail, delectable menu options, and professional service, we are committed to ensuring that your guests have a truly unforgettable dining experience.

Catering is about pleasing all the senses. It is an art form that gives us the opportunity to engage a room’s sight, smell, taste and touch while laying the groundwork for an unforgettable event. Every detail matters, so a keen eye for detail is a must.

If you’re interested in hiring a catering company who pleases all the senses or want to get in touch for a chat about our menu options, please feel free to fill out our contact form or send us an email. We work throughout East Sussex, creating some really special catering events for our customers. We’d be honoured to cater for you!