Choosing Catering For A Funeral

At Green Fig Catering Company, we recognise the sensitivity and emotional weight that accompanies this time of loss for many individuals. Amidst feelings of grief, you’re also tasked with organising a celebration of the person’s life when it is possibly the last thng you feel like doing. One challenge you’ll certainly face is arranging some food for everyone, which may feel overwhelming during the mourning process. Let’s delve into the reasons why choosing catering for a funeral or wake could be the correct choice for you.

Funeral tradition

Sharing food with guests has become customary at end-of-life celebrations. The utmost importance is ensuring everyone feels comfortable and can reflect on their thoughts and emotions. You may want to hold the wake in your own home. Or perhaps at a local club or village hall to make things a little easier. It may be a venue that your loved one enjoyed spending time in, which makes it all the more personal.


Arranging a catering team to handle everything food-wise can significantly ease your burden. This is especially true when expecting a large number of guests – estimating exact numbers for a funeral can be challenging. Imagine the logistics of managing 50 or even 100 guests on your own! You can’t actually send out invitations to a funeral so numbers can be really difficult to gauge. Whether it’s a sizable gathering or a more intimate affair, a caterer’s assistance can be invaluable.

Furthermore, without having all the catering responsibilities, you be able to unwind a little and engage with your guests. The last thing you want to be doing is making sandwiches, baking cakes and cooking sausage rolls!

Consider whether your loved one would want you to exhaust yourself making sure everything goes smoothly. Most likely, they would prefer you to be present on the day, sharing memories, maybe laughing over anecodotes and connecting with those who have gathered. There will certainly be people, who you may not have seen in a long time! Make the most of this.

finger buffetsThis also gives you an opportunity to learn more about the person you’re mourning as well as reminding you that you’re not alone in your grief. Building a supportive network is crucial during such times, offering mutual solace and comfort.

Quality of food

At Green Fig Catering Company, we are deeply passionate about delicious food. Our approach revolves around utilising fresh and simple ingredients to create extraordinary flavors. With great attention to detail, we operate in a friendly and approachable manner.

Catering for any event has significant responsibility, particularly for a celebration of life gathering. We will exceed your expectations, delivering nothing short of excellence.

funeral cateringProfessional and caring service

With years of experience in funeral catering, we aim to provide a service that is both considerate and unobtrusive. Understanding the sombre atmosphere of such occasions, we offer a friendly, five-star service that meets all your needs on the day.

We can stay and serve the food for you and we have a great team to do that. Alternatively, if you prefer delivery only, we provide our dishes on lovely platters. We then leave all the food with you on the morning and you can be left in peace to arrange and serve it how you wish.

What we offer

Our standard set buffet and afternoon tea menus work well for this occasion and have been designed to be fresh, simple and appealing to most palates. We have also created menus, especially for funerals if you would like just to take a look at these.

Hopefully, you realise why you should hire a catering team for a funeral after reading this post. If you’re still not sold on the idea, why not seek the assistance of those around you. Planning an event like this is not a task that should be carried out alone.

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