Us Brits love a good curry and it’s become a staple part of our cuisine.

Chicken Tikka Massala

Chicken Tikka Massala

Our Chef was taught by an Indian Chef how to make the sauce for a curry (look away when the butter or ghee goes in…!) which provides the base for most Indian curries. The rest is how to adapt it to be one of the flavours we are so keen on, such as Tikka Masala or a mild Korma. And it’s up to you and what you’d like in it. There can be so many combinations that work well. Chicken is probably the most popular and everyone’s favourite but any meat of fish can be used.

Curry is now a popular item for evening Wedding food. It can be served as a Hot Fork Buffet which works well if tables are still in situ and there are no extra evening guests to seat (it’s not the best food to eat standing up or on your lap!). It can be served with all of the usual accompaniment such as Rice, Naan Breads and Side Dishes such as Lentil Dhal or Onion Bhajees.

That being said many weddings and events now are taking on a much more informal feel, with large paella type pans and food stands set up outside. Small disposable bowls of curry and similar certainly hit the spot when partying is the top priority or you want to have a relaxed and sociable feel (embracing the British weather to the full!).

So if you are looking for Curry Caterers in East Sussex, whether it’s for a wedding or other occasion, then please call us on 01323 913704 and we can chat through all the options.