Funeral Catering at it’s Finest

Funerals are a time to say goodbye to a friend or loved one, look to the future, yet remember them with love and fondness. There is always a need for funeral catering, whether it’s a large buffet or just a little finger food to give everyone something after the funeral.

funeral cateringA lot of people are happy to provide the buffet themselves, making sandwiches, nibbly bits, drinks and some cakes. However, along with all the other funeral arrangements, many of our customers will ask us to organise the funeral catering for them, safe in the knowledge that this is one aspect of the funeral they don’t have to worry about.

In general, friends and family are really pleasantly surprised at how many people turn up to say their goodbyes and so the funeral catering needs to be fairly fluid when it comes to the numbers. We are never surprised when there are an extra 20, 30 or even more friends who attend the funeral and then, subsequently the get together afterwards. This way we make sure that we are versatile with the food we create and will always ensure there is enough for everyone.

CanapesIn general with all the build up that comes with a funeral, the tension then dissipates slightly afterwards and it concludes with being a celebration of the loved one’s life, with everyone actually quite enjoying seeing family and friends that they may not have seen in a long while – why is it, that it takes a funeral to get everyone together we ask oursleves many a time?

A gourmet selection of tasty treatsSo in general, canapes and a finger buffet are always the preference either a set menu or bespoke to what you would like; ensuring the guests can stand and mingle with each other, perhaps with even a little laughter at some anecdote from years gone by.

We are also happy to supply a slightly more substantial fork buffet, either hot or cold depending on your preference. Or you may decide on a traditional afternoon tea, which are so popular for many occasions.

We can make it as formal or as informal as you like, but one thing you can be sure of with all our menus, is that the food will be full of flavour, enticing for your friends and family to eat something as well as being tasty and nourishing for everyone. Funeral catering at it’s finest.

Please call us on 01323 913704 if you would like to make an enquiry about how we can help you with the funeral catering arrangements. Based in East Sussex, we will work all around the areas of Eastbourne, Hastings, Battle and Bexhill  as well as Tunbridge Wells in Kent and all the surrounding villages and towns.

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Keep it simple with these set menus - designed to suit everyone and every budget.

From traditional to contemporary, our easy to use itemised list covers it all.

Feel free to add or swap items from our set menu giving you flexibility and choice.