Getting Married in 2019?

Once the initial engagement celebrations start to die down (obviously this can take some time…..and rightly so!) There are then a few decisions to make and some bookings that need to be made to secure the main events for your big day.

Getting married in 2019

Smoked Duck & Fig Salad

The church or wedding venue needs to be booked. These can get very busy and need booking in advance so it is always a good idea to get this sorted. Then you have a date to work around and can think about everything else. If it is a civil ceremony, obviously the main aspect you need to decide on is the venue you are going to be married in. Everything else can fit around that then.

If you are getting married in 2019, you definitely need to be looking for wedding caterers already. There are many caterers around and you want to make sure you work with a company that will provide you with

  1. great food
  2. exceptional service
  3. a stress free day
  4. did we say great food?

Our 2019 dates are already getting booked up so along with the church or wedding venue the catering should be top of the list. Many hotels will provide the catering for you but they don’t offer the same personal service or level of choice as hiring a private catering company. However, many venues are just that – a blank canvas, allowing you to source all of the providers YOU want. We work in a lot of wonderful Sussex venues. We also work in many village halls, or perhaps you have decided you would like a marquee, either in your own home or a place of your choice.

Getting married in 2019

Trio of Desserts

At Green Fig, we like to meet you, chat with you and find out what sort of wedding you are wanting. Whether traditional or unusual, a classic sit down menu or a wedding buffet, we can help and advise you with all the questions you may have. Then comes the fun bit…trying the food! Based on what you have requested, we will then discuss some menu suggestions and create the food for you to try. Obviously this is a most important part of your pre-wedding planning and weirdly, one of the bits that the grooms enjoy the most!

If you would like us to, we will put you in touch with many of our recommended companies that complement the work we we do, i.e. cake makers, florists, marquees, wedding car hire etc etc.  We love something a little unusual and can help with ideas, based on your thoughts and planning.

So if you are getting married in 2019 and looking for wedding caterers, then please give get in touch with us at Green Fig Catering Company; either through our contact form or just send us an email .

We would love to meet you…