Get Your Finger Buffets in Time for July 19th

Our finger buffets and cold fork menus are perfect when gathering friends and family or even work colleagues for a social. And with the July 19th restrictions set to be lifted (hopefully!!) it will enable us to have all the freedom we have been waiting for, for over 15 months! No more limits on numbers at gatherings, weddings or any other social “get together”. So…we are keeping our fingers crossed and hoping that you will be able to invite many friends and family over until your heart is content!

There is huge a selection of menus that we can offer you,  which will suit the needs of any group big or small…

Keep it formal or go informal?

Our Finger buffets or even our Cold Fork buffets are ideal for any occasions. A formal way you can do this is by having a traditional sit-down dinner; your buffet could be as a set menu and can be served to you at the table by our staff. This is a great option if your event is more formal such as a wedding. Finger Buffets are a perfect affordable option which enables guests to eat as little or as much as they like, whilst still enjoying all of the snacks and treats on offer. Sweet or savoury!

However, if you were to keep it casual and go informal, finger buffets and cold fork food can be self-served. This would mean your guests would help themselves to the selection of foods.  This option can be more suited to corporate events and family gatherings.

You can have your buffet delivered to your home. Alternatively, you could host your event in a marquee or at a venue. If you are short of space and would like to look further afield then take a look at some of the venues we regularly work at – please click here.

Our vast experience means that we are able tailor to any event. We pride ourselves in ensuring a great service throughout.

So why not organise a buffet today?

If you’d us to cater for your event and would like to chat, send us a quick email or please fill out our enquiry form.

We can’t wait to hear from you x

From traditional to contemporary, our easy to use itemised list covers it all.

For those who can't decide what to have, our value for money set menus are just the thing.

Keep everyone happy by putting together the perfect combo with this easy to use itemised list.

Offering a balanced selection of home-made favourites and value for money; our set menus make for a great business decision!