Green Fig goes Greek

Out of a hot kitchen and off to Crete for heat of a different kind…! It’s been a busy but fantastic summer of weddings, parties and bbq’s but it’s all been worth it and Crete was absolutely delightful.

Here’s the poem my sub read out on my behalf at my weekly business networking breakfast meeting:

“I’ve spent a long hot summer on my feet, so I’ve taken the chance to nip off to Crete!

Weddings, buffets, BBQ’s – the lot. But look at all the lolly we got!

We’ll spend some of it on Moussaka and wine. And Kleftiko, Ouzo, and tomatoes on the vine

Kebabs and figs – green ones at that. Feta, olives and Retsina by the vat.

I call it research – all part of the job…as I stuff another Baklava into my gob!

In the Greek cuisine we will delight and learn. You’ll have to widen the door on my return!

If I ask ‘does my bum look big?’ you’ll have to tell lies. Don’t mess with a woman who has very big knives!

Alas! This food fest cannot last forever. As it’s back to work soon – & the English weather

But relaxed and revived I’ll come back with a punch. And be ready to cook for the ‘ladies wot lunch’

The Duracell Bunny will be back in action. To cook for your pleasure and satisfaction.

So if you come across someone planning a shindig. Please do the honours and recommend Green Fig!