Hog Roast Hire – it’s a no brainer!

hog-roast-hire2For balmy summer weddings or corporate entertaining, those occasions when you have lots of guests and want to feed many hungry mouths, then there really is no better choice than to use our hog roast hire.

Those wonderful smells of roasting hog, whilst dancing the night away and sipping on your choice of beverage makes for a wonderful way to celebrate with friends, family or your business colleagues!

We have been to many corporate do’s and even weddings over the years, where there are stale dry sandwiches with curling crusts and solidified vol-au-vents….so dare to do something slightly different!

hog-roast-hire1Standing round the hog also makes a great meeting point, watching the expert chefs spitroast the hog over the fire pit and deftly carve huge sumptuous chunks of pork and crackling to have in soft floury baps with lashings of apple sauce – perfect!

We can offer everything you need for your wedding or party, whether you choose a formal way of entertaining, or something a little more lighthearted and our hog roast hire is especially great for your evening reception…

Or if it is corporate entertaining, then this makes for a situation where it is easy to network in an informal and comfortable way – many a huge business decision or idea has been made created or made at informal networking or corporate parties, so let us help lead your business to success.

Book our hog roast hire now if you want a fun and informal way to feed your guests…