Crackling Crackling!

Hog roast hire in SussexWhat better way to impress your guests than with our mouth-watering hog roast hire, complete with crackling, stuffing and apple sauce and crammed into a floured bun, and cooked before their very eyes?

Accompanied with fresh salads and followed with sumptuous desserts such as banoffee pie, summer fruit pavlova and lemon cheesecake, with our hog roast hire you have the perfect celebration feast. Divine…. does it get any better than this?

Hogs can be cooked over charcoal or by gas and require surprisingly little space. You’ll always be advised on what size hog you need to ensure there’s plenty to go around… and hopefully enough for seconds!

Please give us a call on 01323 913704 if our hog roast hire is something you are looking at booking, whether it is for a wedding, a family party or event catering for whatever you are looking for, we can provide it all – just give us a call!