How To Boss Planning A Wedding

So…’ve just got engaged! Congratulations! But hang on a minute – you’ve now got a wedding to plan!

Your Goal:

To ensure you get the day you want, at a price you can afford without getting stressed out along the way.

Our Goal:

Well, it’s pretty much the same. So here’s a short guide to help you achieve that goal, without so much as breaking a sweat.

So, what’s the first step? Set a date for the big day? Er….NO!! Of course, sooner or later you’ll need a date to work towards, but to be a super-smart planner, why not decide on a date AFTER you’ve sourced the suppliers you want the most – and then see what date they can all do? That way, you won’t be disappointed when you think you’ve found the one but, alas, they are already booked.

Get Your Ducks In A Row:

So what are the Big Three? Registrar (or church/celebrant), Venue and Catering. When you’ve narrowed them down, you’re ready to pounce on a date that everyone can do.

If it’s a church or registry office service you’ll probably already have an idea about which one you want. If it’s not, then the chances are you’ll want to get married on site at the venue (now completely possible whether they are licensed for weddings or not, thanks to independent celebrants). It’s a good way of keeping everything in one place with no need to travel from A to B. It’s a long old day, good to keep it simple.

Now it gets a bit more tricky. If you’re on an unlimited budget, stop reading now – because you, my dear, can have it all!! If you’re not, the next step is to decide what is really important to you.

For some it’s the location – the dream venue that will look fabulous in the photos; even more fabulous once you and your guests are all togged up and standing in front of it. For others, it’s the food and drink and giving your guests a memorable feast. The fizz, the canape, the delicious Wedding Breakfast (not to mention something to scran on when you’ve all had a good boogie later on in the evening).

East Sussex is packed full of amazing venues, ranging from £200.00 for a Village Hall to £20,000.00 for an all-singing, all-dancing country estate with accommodation for your guests – and we’re fortunate enough to work at over 20 of them. Some offer dry-hire so you’re free to choose everything yourselves, some have furniture you can use & facilities for the caterers, some have staff on site to help look after your day, or perhaps run a cash bar. Make a list of possibles, ideally ranging in price, in case you need to juggle things along the way. Make a list of pro’s and cons. For example, a venue that doesn’t allow a cash bar might be more reasonable, but if you’ve then got to buy the drinks for 150 people yourselves, it may turn out to be more expensive than another venue with a higher price tag that has a bar on site.

For those who want to wow their guests with amazing food, that is where Green Fig come in! All too often couples have already blown their budget on a venue they’ve fallen in love with, and have an unrealistic amount left for the food and drink they also want. If fabulous food is your thing, then maybe a venue with a lower price tag is worth considering. It might mean you’re a step closer to achieving that all-important goal.

Why Choose Green Fig Catering Company For Your Wedding Catering? 

  • we only take on one event per weekend so that we do not compromise the quality of our service
  • 100% track record. We guarantee the quality of our service – see our Google reviews for what folks have to say about us
  • trained, professional team who have been with us for many years – we never outsource any part of your day to agency staff
  • recommended supplier at many venues across East Sussex
  • integrity. In a nutshell we’re good people, and we want to do the same good job for all of our clients, regardless of their budget
  • up front fair pricing. No tactics to win the business by offering a lower quote. We know we’re not the cheapest, but we also know what you need, so even if it’s something we don’t make money on (such as hire equipment, staffing) we’ll still quote, in full, so there’s no nasty surprises along the way
  • professional set up. Our premises has always been awarded the highest 5 rating for food hygiene and good kitchen practice.
  • longevity. We’ve been doing this for many years, so what seems daunting for you is plain sailing for us, that’s how we know what questions to ask from the off, so we can prepare your personal event sheet for the day and ensure it goes smoothly from start to finish

Should you trust the Green Figgers?

Well, roll on 6hrs from when that photo was taken, we were all playing on the slide, but, in a word, YES you should! You’re in very safe hands!

To get the ball rolling for your big day get in touch!