How To Impress Your Business Colleagues

Having a working lunch can be extremely helpful. It gives you the break you need, but does not interrupt the flow of your meeting, presentation, seminar or networking event. It means that people, in general, will stay in the meeting room, ensuring they can still network and chat about how the meeting is running as well as the afternoon agenda.


So you want the lunch to be enticing. You want people to stay in the room with you and you want to encourage them to eat – giving them the sustenance they need to carry on, possibly for the afternoon. So what could be better than a catered lunch by professionals. You really don’t want to have a few curled up sandwiches you have hastily arranged on a plate… you want something that will be mouthwatering as well as impressive for your delegates, co-workers or big bosses!

A professional caterer can ensure that what is needed to stay hot will, that food won’t dry out and that everything is served at exactly the right time. It also takes away one of the stresses you may have, when organising the meeting.

All you need to do is choose the menu you would like beforehand and a catering company such as Green Fig can do the rest. We turn up, we bring the food with us, we serve it for you and then clear up afterwards – no hassles for anyone, just great food and drink, served in a discreet way.

Bite size cakes

So how would you like your menu? A hot fork buffet? Cold Fork buffet, sit down meal even? A selection of canapes or perhaps a finger buffet. We can offer an extensive range of foods that will really impress.

Working throughout East Sussex and up to Tunbridge Wells and Tonbridge in Kent, Green Fig Catering Company work for many businesses on either a regular basis or as a one off, supplying exceptional food at great prices. We will advise you on the best sort of variation so you can cater for all tastes, religions, allergies and preferences.

If you are holding a seminar or a meeting and would like to have your business lunch caterered for, then please get in touch.


Keep everyone happy by putting together the perfect combo with this easy to use itemised list.

Offering a balanced selection of home-made favourites and value for money; our set menus make for a great business decision!