Need a Regular Business Lunch Sorted?

If you need a business lunch sorted every week or month or perhaps as a one off, then have you thought about using a caterer? If you regularly get stressed about catering for a group of people in your office, then there are definitely other solutions.

At Green Fig Catering Company, we have had potential customers contact us, saying they have been asked to organise lunch. They need to source sandwiches, salad, drinks and perhaps cakes from somewhere like a supermarket or deli. Ready made sandwiches will then be supplied in trays from many leading supermarkets. But they can be bland in taste and you are limited to the flavour choices, or they might not be suitable for those with specific dietary requirements.

Then on top of that, you will need to go and collect them, sort out all the extra accompaniments, organise plates, glasses, drinks etc etc. What a headache!

Or you could contact Green Fig Catering Company. We will supply you with a regular or one off lunch, specifically catered to your attendees. Order as much or as little as you need…drinks as well if you like, plus something sweet for after. All homemade and all bursting with flavour! That is why we are always working hard, to provide our customers with wonderful food that they will be happy to recommend to others.

So perhaps you have a regular committee meeting, a board meeting, a staff meeting or just a departmental meeting that runs over lunch and you need sustenance for all. If so, please get in touch, either with our contact form or by emailing us. Let us know what you would like, for how many and for when and we can help put a business lunch together for you that will not only impress your colleagues but be a great lunch for all!

To start with, take a look at our menu choices. This will give you a really good starting point, before you get in touch.

Look forward to hearing from you…