Outside Caterers For Village Halls

As you may have guessed, we love a wedding or party at Green Fig! And some of the best have been at village halls. There is something really nice about venues like these and being outside caterers for village halls means we can really put our stamp on the day and make it really special for you. There are few restrictions and this makes life so much easier!

Working throughout East Sussex means we have also worked at a lot of village halls….and we mean actually quite a lot. If we were to list them out, we would be here all day and this page of text would be massive!

So these are the villages halls we work at quite often. They are all lovely halls and have a nice external area for guests to enjoy on nice days. The halls themselves can be transformed into something lovely and then put back to normal at the end of the night. They can also have well equipped kitchens and so are very easy to work in.

And obviously the price should be taken into account. Booking a pretty East Sussex village hall will be far cheaper than a wedding venue. And if you save money on the venue then you can spend it elsewhere – on your food perhaps?!

So back to the village halls – we work a lot at Reid Hall in Boreham Street, Herstmonceux and Alfriston in their beautiful village halls. We have also popped over to High Hurstwood on quite a few occasions for a wedding or a party, which is another lovely one. We are booked for a few this year at Udimore Village hall in Rye as well – always love Rye! And East Dean Village Hall is another gorgeous venue.

And one of the most important benefits of hiring a village hall for your wedding or party, whatever the occasion, is that we do not charge for corkage. This is a real bonus using a company such as Green Fig Catering, as you can supply the alcohol yourself, choosing exactly what you want and for what price. Then we open it for you and you just get to really enjoy it, knowing that the price hasn’t been overly inflated, as happens all to often in hotels and wedding venues.

Please just ask when you get in touch if you would like us to recommend a village hall to you – having lived and worked in and around East Sussex for many years now, we know all the good ones!

Whatever the occasion, if you need outside caterers for village halls then we look forward to chatting with you…