Phew…And Now That Is Over, What’s Next??

Well the lead up to Christmas was probably the busiest we have ever known it! Everything has started back with a bang 💥💥

Not only did we have lots of Christmas dinners 🎅 to prepare, we also had some great hamper orders to fill.

On top of that we had so many weddings 👰 🤵 to cater for – and how wonderful is that, that we are now back to working with “happy couples” to feed them all and help to give them their day to remember!

On top of that, we had some corporate lunches, a few club dinners and sadly some funerals thrown into the mix. We are hoping we did you all proud though – every one of you!

And then there are the regular companies who we work for – whether it is supplying hot lunches to staff through our web applications, or supplying national companies with regular goodies…it has been so great to feel a little bit “back to normal”!

But, boy did we enjoy our Christmas break. For all our staff as well as all our families, we had a wonderful Christmas break off. Catching up on sleep, eating loads, time with loved ones and just having a nice rest!

Catering in 2022

So what does 2022 look like for us? Well, once again, we are so thankful that we are nearly back to normal with wedding bookings. There are still some that have carried over from the pandemic, but we are also very excited that we have lots of new couples now booked in.

From working in barns, village halls, marquees and more, we are so looking forward to giving everyone something really spectacular! And also getting back into the swing of those busy weekends…although weddings seem to be happening every day of the week now. Couples are just pleased to be able to celebrate, whatever the day!!

Looking forward to 2023

We still have a few limited spaces left in 2022, but 2023 is looking pretty busy for us as well which is FANTASTIC NEWS! From luxury weddings, through to business meetings, photoshoot catering, as well as other corporate gigs…we love our jobs and are really excited to see what the next two years brings us.

Can’t wait! See you all soon xx