Want to Impress Your Business Clients?

Business lunches have long been recognised as a valuable tool for impressing other professionals. Sometimes, it takes more than a chat over coffee to connect, build relationships and achieve objectives. Whether you are networking with a potential new client or conducting an important meeting with your team, a corporate lunch can help with collaboration and a great flow of ideas. Just stepping away from the meeting table for 20 minutes can really help. So to make these meetings more professional, many companies are choosing to get corporate caterers in.

Want to Impress Your Business Clients

Time-saving Option

Yes you could just order some supermarket sarnies in to share, but where is the fun in that? A bland cheese and ham or egg and cress won’t always cut it!

Hiring a professional caterer takes the guesswork out of everything and saves you loads of time. From menu planning, prepping, delivery and setup, we will take care of it all.  This allows you to focus your time on the topic of discussion, as opposed to trying to arrange catering yourself to impress that new client.

Diverse Menu Options

Working with many local businesses, we have experienced first-hand the benefits of offering high-quality and diverse menu options for business lunches. There is nothing worse than seeing a member disappointed, because what’s available doesn’t suit their taste or dietary requirements. From vegetarian and vegan options to gluten or dairy-free alternatives, a professional caterer will ensure even the most fussy are accounted for!

This will not 0nly leave a literal positive taste in the mouth of your all colleagues, but also give off the right first impression.

Professional Presentation

One thing we keep emphasising as a caterer is the vital role presentation plays in these types of events. It reflects a level of professionalism and attention to detail that, by association, will shine a favourable light on you or your company. A professional caterer will excel in creating visually appealing displays and arrangements.

From an elegant table setup to stylish garnishing, our expertise and experience will allow us to add a touch of sophistication to any event.

Want to Impress Your Business Clients

Enhances Your Professional Relationships

The aim of having lunch brought in to you is to hopefully create an informal and relaxed environment for all. Stepping away from the corporate nature of the meeting and sharing a meal allows everyone to engage more intimately and forge a meaningful connection. A more casual and relaxed lunch getting to know the client, can normally lead to a stronger professional relationship, improved trust and more effective communication.

Shows Gratitude to Employees and Clients

Inviting professional caterers in will also show your staff how much you appreciate them. This not only builds loyalty but makes individuals feel valued as part of the team!

In celebratory situations, special catering options can be a great way to commemorate a team or individual’s achievements.

Menu Options For Corporate Catering

Our Finger Buffet Set Menus have been carefully designed to give a balance of food types, colour and flavour – not just the usual overload of carbs. Alternatively, put your own menu together by choosing all your favourites from our bespoke menu.

If you’ve got visitors to impress and don’t want the hassle and time involved in taking them out for lunch, how about one of our delicious client lunch menus or perhaps you would prefer a cold fork buffet?

Are You Looking For Corporate Catering with a Professional Caterer?

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