What Is A Wedding Breakfast?

The term “wedding breakfast” might raise eyebrows for those unfamiliar with wedding traditions. This blog sets out to answer the question of “what is a wedding breakfast?” and contrary to what the name suggests, a wedding breakfast has nothing to do with scrambled eggs and pancakes. In the world of weddings, this term holds a deeper meaning, reflecting a timeless tradition that has evolved through centuries of matrimonial celebrations.

The Historical Roots

The origins of the wedding breakfast date back to medieval times when weddings were often held in the morning. The ceremony would be followed by a communal feast, symbolising the first meal shared as a newly married couple. Over time, as weddings shifted to later in the day, the term persisted, and the wedding breakfast became a staple in British wedding culture.

Timing and Menu

Despite the name, a wedding breakfast is typically served after the wedding ceremony, during the daytime, mainly mid afternoon. It is the first meal that the newlyweds share with their guests. It’s a special moment that marks the beginning of their life together.

The menu for a wedding breakfast varies, but it often includes a mix of breakfast and lunch items. Trends change over time, but the classic 3 course weeding breakfast is still very popular!

Symbolism and TraditionThe Best Way to Make Your Wedding Extra Special

The wedding breakfast is more than just a meal; it is a symbolic gathering that emphasises the importance of community, unity, and sharing. The act of breaking bread together is a universal symbol of togetherness. The wedding breakfast represents the couple’s first joint venture as they share a meal with their closest friends and family.

Toasts and Speeches

One of the highlights of a wedding breakfast is the series of toasts and speeches. Traditionally, the father of the bride, the groom, and the best man give heartfelt speeches, expressing well-wishes, sharing anecdotes, and offering advice to the newlyweds. These toasts often set the tone for the festivities that follow, creating memorable moments and setting a brilliant atmosphere.

Modern Twists

While the wedding breakfast remains rooted in tradition, modern couples often put their own spin on this age-old custom. Some opt for unconventional menus, themed breakfasts, or even destination weddings that incorporate local cuisine into the celebration.


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The wedding breakfast stands out as a charming and meaningful ritual. It is a celebration of love, unity, and the beginning of a new chapter. Whether it’s a classic affair or a contemporary twist, the wedding breakfast continues to be a cherished tradition that brings people together. One aspect that is crucial, however, is the quality of food on offer! Based in East Sussex, did you know that we cater for weddings? And so if you live near us and are getting married then please get in touch. If you need a wedding caterer – then we are definitely worth chatting to!

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