The Christmas Countdown is on…

2018 has been such a busy year for us at Green Fig Catering Company. We would like to say that we are slowing down now, towards the end of the year…but that really is not the case!

We are probably just as busy now, as we have been throughout the year.

Business lunches are a big market for us – we receive the orders from local businesses and cook, supply and serve them on a regular basis.

Afternoon tea nowadays, is an extremely popular event, but not everyone likes to venture out for it. So we supply it in your own home!

Private dining is always really popular at this time of year – people still like to celebrate, but by not going out! Just having the luxury of a beautifully cooked meal in their own home.

Weddings are slowing up now, compared to the busy summer months. However, we still have the winter and midweek weddings that are booked towards the end of 2018.

Funerals, sadly, are always busier during the cold winter months. These are, for obvious reasons, booked at short notice and a buffet will take quite a bit of prep work. We aren’t always required to serve, but there’s still lots to organise.

Club dinners always kick off at this time of year, which are always fun. Sports clubs always like to have a Christmas do, and when the venue doesn’t have catering, such as village halls, then this is where we step in!

John, Jo, Ben and all the rest of the staff are really hoping to have a break this Christmas…but still another few weeks of fun, busyness and canapes to go, before we can quiet down and enjoy our own festivities!

Then 2019 will start with a bang! Can’t wait xxx

Christmas Private Dining