Wedding Catering for 2022

Well here we are, pretty much booked up for wedding catering in 2022. Many of our couples have booked these dates already, as they couldn’t get married in 2020 or this year. So we will be playing “catch up” for quite a while longer. Weddings were one of the biggest events that had to be sacrificed over the pandemic and so we are extremely grateful and pleased they are now pretty much back to normal.

So wedding catering for 2022…where do we start! With pretty much every Saturday now filled in 2022, we only have very few left available. Some couples are choosing a Friday and other midweek date in order to have the time they would like to be married in.

Being bespoke caterers means that if we do a wedding every day of the week, we will burn out pretty quickly, so we are trying to space the dates out for the weddings we are a part of.

Working in so many popular venues, means that we are very booked up already. Now all these venues are open once more, they are keen to work with caterers they know and are reassured that everything will be exceptional. Which is where we come in! (ahem!!)

So if you are wanting to get married in 2022, then please get in touch as quickly as you can so we can coordinate dates with you, arrange tastings and then decide on your menu for the biggest day of your life!

Dates for 2023!

We have lots of bookings for 2023 already! Please email us or fill in our contact form so we can get the ball rolling for you.