Why You Should Hire A Catering Team For A Funeral

Here at Green Fig Catering Company, we understand how much of a sensitive and emotional time this can be for so many people. On top of all the feelings of grief, you are now put in the position of having to plan a celebration of that person’s life. One of the biggest challenges you’ll need to tackle is arranging food for everyone. That will likely seem like the last thing you want to be attempting to organise. Let’s discuss why you should hire a catering team for a funeral or wake.

Funeral tradition

It’s become a tradition for food to be shared with guests at an end-of-life celebration. However, just because something is a tradition that doesn’t mean you should feel pressure or the need to stick to it. You could instead honour the life of the person you’re mourning by going for a drink at their favourite pub and then heading home for a meal. What’s important is that everyone is comfortable and able to focus on their thoughts and feelings.

Stress free

Arranging a catering team to take control, however, will take a huge weight off your shoulders. This is even more so the case if you have lots of guests attending – plus you never normally know exact numbers for a funeral, which always makes catering a bit more tricky. Imagine trying to handle 50 guests, or even 100! A team of caterers is necessary for large events but a huge weight off your shoulders for smaller ones.

Not only that, but it will allow you to relax and speak with your guests. Think, would that loved one want you pushing yourself to the limit to ensure the day runs smoothly? Of course, they wouldn’t. Giving yourself a chance to speak and also reminisce with those attending will not only allow you to discover new things about the person but also help you realise you’re not alone in your mourning. Having a strong support network is key during these times. Knowing there’s a group of people you can go to is essential, for you as well as them.

Why You Should Hire Catering Team For A Funeral


Quality of food

Here at Green Fig Catering Company, our passion is good food. We work with simple ingredients to produce amazing flavours. We have unmatched attention to detail and do our very best to operate in a friendly, approachable manner. Always working with professionalism, we are forever striving to improve not only our product but also our service.

Catering for any event comes with a huge amount of responsibility, especially in the case of a celebration of life event. We will do our very best to not only meet but exceed your expectations.

funeral cateringProfessional and caring service

We have many years of experience in funeral catering. We like to offer a service that is as considerate and unobtrusive as possible. We understand that the whole party is likely to be experiencing a combination of sorrow and melancholy. A kind five-star service is exactly what is needed.

All the food we serve is presented on beautiful white china plates if we serve you as well. If you only want our food to just be delivered, then we let you have it in lovely platters.  However, there is waitress service available if you believe it would benefit your event. This ensures that all the guests are catered for and the event as a whole runs smoothly.

What we offer

Our standard set buffet and afternoon tea menus work well for this occasion and have been designed to be fresh, simple and appealing to most palates. We have also created menus, especially for funerals if you would like just to take a look at these.

Hopefully, you realise why you should hire a catering team for a funeral after reading this post. If you’re still not sold on the idea, why not seek the assistance of those around you. Planning an event like this is not a task that should be carried out alone.

If you’re interested in viewing the full extensive list of all the catering services we offer, then please click here. Alternatively, if you want to have a chat to discuss catering for your event don’t hesitate to get in touch. Please just send us an email at info@greenfigcateringcompany.com.