70th & 80th Birthday Caterers

When we say that we are 70th & 80th birthday caterers, actually we will do any age! And it definitely doesn’t need to end in an 0! However, at the end of a decade, or indeed the start of the next, seems to be when people want to celebrate more. And having the caterers in to give you something wonderful to eat, for a 70th, 80th or 90th, is such a treat for everyone. And when you get to a 100th birthday celebration, then the sky really is the limit – what a celebration!

Who will benefit?

It is a treat for whoever’s birthday it is – they may not always want a big celebration, with loads of people, so this would be perfect for your guest of honour.

Having caterers in if you are doing the organising – knowing that you will be feeding all the guests some wonderful menus, that you have chosen, will be a treat for you. And what is more – you won’t have to serve the food, or do the clearing up at the end of it all!

And you know the guests will love the food! So really it is a win/win all round…

What sort of event would you like?

You may want to organise awonderful birthday luncheon – at a venue maybe, if you have lots to invite. Or it may just be one or two tables of you eating and you decide to hold it at home. We will work, either in your kitchen or a hall/venue kitchen. It may be that you would like a marquee and this is a lovely idea as well.

Or how about afternoon tea – always a winner! Again, you choose the venue and we can work around that. Lots of savoury bites to choose from on our menu, and then there are scones, cream & jam as well as so many choices of little cakes and tartlets. To be honest, you may find it hard to make a decision on this one!

Or perhaps you decide that you would like to celebrate this special birthday, whether it’s Mum, Dad, a grandparent or special close friend, with some really fine dining. This will normally be an evening meal and again, can be served where you would like it to be. A three or more course meal, with exactly your choice of menu. We can work with you to create something really wonderful.

As 70th & 80th birthday caterers, we know how important it its to get everything just right. You are making memories, don’t forget – and this is the ultimate of treats to give your loved ones.

We are based in East Sussex and work throughout the county at many wonderful celebratory events.

Next steps

Please get in touch via email, if you would like to enquire about dates. Or please just fill in our contact form and someone will be in touch. We can’t wait to hear all about your celebration plans…