Planning for your Christmas Party

We don’t want to mention the C-word yet as much as you do, but if you’re planning on having a big Christmas Party this year – you should be thinking about it now! A successful Christmas Party is all about planning. Some websites suggest you need at least 2 months to make sure everything goes smoothly, and other articles suggest you should have considered a few things in July!

If you haven’t done a jot of planning for your merry event this year, you really should get yourself in gear. We’re here to help you with some things you should start thinking about for your celebration over the festive season.

Who’s coming?

One of the first things you’ll need to think about is a list of people you’re going to invite. Is it a party for work colleagues, close friends, or family?

If you’re going to invite a mixture, make sure there is a big group of people that will socialise and mingle with each other.

If you’re on a tight budget, maybe set a limit to the number of people you can invite. This way you can be sure you’re not going to spend loads of money providing food for everyone.

Dates & Times

Christmas is likely to be choc-a-bloc full of parties, events, and dinners (yum!) for everyone. So, once you have a list of people that you’re going to invite; you should think about when you’re planning to hold your Christmas Party. If you’re inviting work colleagues, make sure your party held when they don’t have work early the next day (you don’t want to cause a collective work hangover!).

You could get in touch with a few people that you’re going to invite, and see what dates work for them.

Where’s it going to be?

If you’re looking at a small Christmas party, then you could have it at your home without too much trouble. But if your house isn’t big enough for 50+ guests, you’ll need to think about a venue that you can hire. If you’re in Sussex there are plenty of venues that we can recommend that suit a range of budgets, and make your Christmas party stylish and elegant.And whether you want a full sit down meal, or just nibbles and canapes, will also denote the size of venue you are thinking of.

Send Invitations

You don’t have to physically send out invitations (unless you really want to give it that personal touch); you could easily just create a group on Facebook that people can RSVP to.

Make sure that you keep posting about your Christmas party on social media. That way people that are invited are constantly reminded and will highly anticipate the big day.


Once you’ve got invitations sent out, you’ll need to start thinking about whats’s going to be at your party. Christmas parties need to have decorations. If you’ve hired a venue you might need to get some decorations to make you’re venue nice and Christmassy.

If you’re going all out for your Christmas Party, you could hire a band for your guests to listen and dance to at your party. We know a really good band who might be able to play at your event.

If you’ve got a budget on the lower end of the scale, maybe look at playing a playlist in the background that can help create some great ambience and add to that Christmas feel. There are some really good playlists on Spotify that can easily help you here.


Food & Drink

This is the big one. Whether you’re just looking at drinks & nibbles, or a full-on meal,  the selection of Christmas meals and flavours are seemingly never ending. All the decadent foods that are around at Christmas are a minefield of different foods.

If you’re having a look around for food that you can do for your Christmas Party, you could hire Green Fig Catering to provide the food for your perfect Christmas entertainment. We work in all different kind of environments; if you’re hosting a small Christmas party at your house or a large party in a country house, we work in village halls or even private rentals, which are extremely popular with past customers of ours. If you’re after small hot canapes or full-on 3-course meal set menus, we can take the stress out of planning your Christmas party.

Please take a look at our full range of menus to see what you would like to offer your Christmas guests…and then get in touch with us! Either email us or fill in our contact form and let’s see if we can get you organised in time.

We hope we will be the perfect fit for your Christmas party so you can have a good time!