Your Wedding Food Choices

Your wedding food choices are a really important factor of your day. Wedding food is always talked about after the event and so it is vital you pick a menu that will please everyone. However, the most important point to remember is that it is what you want!

There is no point choosing a delicate fish dish, if all you both want is a big hearty pie – just so you can please your parents! And you shouldn’t bow under pressure for other people’s opinions, if your choice is something different. You will always remember that and feel sad that you didn’t have exactly what you wanted for your special day.

Obviously you don’t want anyone to moan about your menu choices. So at Green Fig Catering Company, we can give you a really varied choice of food for your wedding breakfast. Just as long as one of the main course choices is exactly what you want, then you can be a little more compliant with the rest. Choose that chicken dish that Aunt Mabel wants, or the fish that your mother requested. But if you want the pie, then eat the pie! Just try not to spill the gravy down your wedding clothes!

With many canape choices, as well as the starters, there will surely be something for everyone. Then with the choices of wonderful dessert that we can offer you, we guarantee everyone will be talking about your food for months after. And definitely for the right reasons!

Don’t forget about those special dietary requirements, vegetarian, vegan, children, as well as older members of the family. But remember, it is YOUR day – so it should be your choice.

Have you taken a look at our menus? There is definitely something for everyone. To fit budgets, themes and tastes. You could choose a menu that is a little different to the norm, or go really traditional. A picnic wedding is always lovely and sociable, or how about choosing a chef for each table and give everyone a joint of meat – lots of hilarious conversations happen when everyone gets really stuck in. Lots of memories made as well as wonderful photographs! Or we can make curry, tapas, a lovely afternoon tea, or perhaps a barbecue. Like we say, always something for everyone.

Just let us know your thoughts, when you get in touch. Come into our kitchens, chat with us, try the food. That will make your decisions much easier…or harder perhaps??

We can’t wait to speak with you about your wedding food – send us an email or fill in our contact form and someone will get right back to you x