1919 Commemorative Dinner – Alfriston

The Alfriston & Cuckmere Historical Society got in touch with us to see if we could help them with their idea of re-creating a dinner that was held in 1919 in Alfriston for the returning soldiers of The Great War.

An original invitation was found for the 1919 event, which was organised by the Traders of Alfriston to welcome home their loved ones from WW1. Exactly 100 years on to the date, a similar event was to take place with a sit down meal, guest speakers and of course some distinguished guests. Unfortunately we couldn’t charge 1919 prices, but we did our best!

The room was decorated simply, using traditional colours of red and white. The music was also fitting for the occasion. The menu was also a simple one – only much more plentiful than the 1919 dinner would have been!

It was a real honour to be part of this occasion and made a really nice change for us. It seems we did them proud too going by the wonderful comments and the lovely message of thanks they sent to us after the event.

“The Alfriston & Cuckmere Valley Historical Society last year found an original invitation from August 1919 for a Commemorative Dinner for returning soldiers. We decided to recreate this event 100 yrs on in our village. From our initial enquiry John was extremely interested and supportive. The Dinner was extremely successful with the participants delighted with the meal. The atmosphere was enriched by Green Fig’s gracious contribution to this special event. We would all like to thank them most sincerely for their important part in our celebration. We have received many messages of praise and thanks for Green Fig including the wish for them to return to create another Centenary Dinner in August 2119!”

Well who knows, if Green Fig are still going 100 years from now, we’ve got a ready-made booking for 20th August 2119 – we’ll put it in the diary!