Emma & Marty – Saturday 4th June 2016

Back at Gildredge Manor again! We’re getting to feel like part of the furniture!

Burger Wedding

The Burger Wedding!

Well, it may have been the same venue as last couple of weeks, but every wedding is different (thankfully – otherwise we’d be in danger of getting bored). The last few week’s couples went for a more traditional menu, but Emma and Marty really shook things up with what we’ve been calling ‘The Burger Wedding’!

After welcome drinks and general mingling the wedding party went up to the Long Room where they kicked off proceedings with the speeches. Although traditionally the speeches are after the meal, many like to just get them out of the way so they can get on with the serious business of enjoying their food and drink!

The Burger Wedding!

The Burger Wedding!

And enjoy they did! Guests had pre-ordered their preferred topping to go with their two home-made gourmet burgers in a home-made bun. They chose either the Swiss Burger:  topped with smoked bacon and Emmental cheese, the American Burger, topped with red onion, barbecue sauce and cheese, the Mexican Burger – marinated and griddled chicken breast with guacamole, or the Vegetarian Burger – a bread crumbed bean burger with a fresh tomato relish.

All of the burgers were served with iceberg lettuce, mayo and sliced tomato, with sides of potato wedges, home made pink coleslaw and a simple Caesar salad. All as yummy as it sounds – the empty plates were proof of that!

This was followed by a trio of chocolate Brownies  with strawberries and red berry coulis as well as a cheeseboard for each table with crackers, chutney and grapes. A proper feast!

In the evening the tasty food continued in the form of posh Fish Finger butties, Bacon Butties and the veggie option was Halloumi, spinach & mushroom butties. Just perfect for evening food fodder!

Emma and Marty were thrilled with everything – which is exactly what we aim for with every wedding that we do (see testimonial left). Making peoples’ wedding day memorable for all the right reasons is why we do what we do, and why it’s always worth the effort and long hours!

A truly lovely couple – we wish Emma and Marty all the very best for their future together x